Who Is Mike Nichols

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Who Is Mike Nichols

The real answer to Who Is Mike Nichols is that he was an American film and theatre director, producer, actor and comedian.
However, there is another Mike Nichols out there. One masquerading as a blogger who is hacking people’s sites and then using ‘Mike Nichols’ as his tag line.
So how do you get rid of this guy?

First; keep an eye on your blog. Here he is on my blog with a whole lot of posts. His posts do NOT make any sense and have been created by some kind of random generator or bot.

Second; Go into your wordpress dashboard, select users, then check the box beside this Mike Nichols character. Under his picture you’ll see the option to delete an author. Click! Then wordpress will ask you if you want to delete all of his content or attribute it to another user. Delete!

Third, check out the top right corner of your wordpress screen. This is mine. It has my image and my name. When you click on it  you will find “Edit My Profile” Click!

The bottom of the screen is a  new password generator. Remember you need to use the randomly generated password or something so complex Mike Nichols will never figure it out, again! 😉
Finally, the best part? Log out of all other devices.

Now  it doesn’t matter Who Is Mike Nichols ’cause you have thwarted him.
There are some folks who just can’t stand other people having more success than them. Instead of building their own building… they’d rather tag yours with graffiti..

Never sink to their level Who Is Mike Nichols? A success story! Who is this hack using his name? Well… Not our problem anymore.

Grow tall. Stand firm. Smile #WeAreMoreAlikeThanDifferent

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