Travel America

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Travel America

Travel America in a 2007 View RV!  

We have been talking about where to go for ages!

We have a Family Reunion this July. My side of the family rented a huge cabin in Tennessee that will fit all of us! Sarah Harrington, realtor extraordinaire! arranged everything for us. Location, schedule, food, photos… all we had to do was agree and send her out share of the money! WIN WIN WIN

We hopped onto Google Maps and started putting things we wanted to see. Family, Mr. Rushmore, Niagra Falls, Maine, Family…. The map began to look like a child’s crayon scribble! We evened it out and came up with a more wave like course. Gone for 8+ weeks. To Travel America with the kids. Stop at random historical markers on the highways and byways. Boondock, (That is where you don’t plug in your RV, foot loose and fancy free!)

Aside: Although this website began as a sales and success motivation website… I have matured. With time I realized that my WHY was not connected with a huge expensive house, flashy clothes, or diamond and gold. My WHY is very much about helping others and being positive. I fell into the trappings of other people’s definition of success. LOL

My dream was to always have a small class C RV, and travel. That became a reality because it was REALLY what I wanted.

I am bringing you with us as we Travel America. Finding other successful and positive ideas. Other happiness, and other great moments. Follow me on social media at #AmazingBigIdea Reviews, knowledge, education and the joy of life!

I know that #WeAreMoreAlikeThanDifferent.

We yearn for freedom. For success. #YouAreDivinelyForeOrdainedToSucceed Travel with us and see how.

When I find a great deal. I’ll put it here.

When I find a great coupon. I’ll put it here.

When I find an Amazing person. I”ll put them here.

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