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Travel America

Travel America getting on the road. 

Did you ever notice how many things have to be done to leave? LOL Travel America

We finally got out of the house and I have a list of what didn’t get done. I don’t think Dwight noticed or will notice for a while. Wait until he asks for ‘that’ thing I didn’t get done. LOL Alas!

I ordered magnets for the side doors. They look pretty snazzy, huh? 

Oh the list! LOL You travelers know how much it is. My goal was to have duplicates of most things in the RV so we didn’t have to unpack. However, there is a problem. The inside gets so HOT here in St. George, that there isn’t much option but to load and unload. At least I am good for the summer!

I did get

  1. laptop, loaded.
  2. Wireless keyboard and mouse…(I know they are not encrypted but I couldn’t figure out what else to do.)
  3. Homeschooling curriculum
  4. Copies of the Book of Mormon
  5. QR code printed
  6. Food
  7. Clothes
  8. Bedding
  9. All the cell phone acouterma
  10. Kindle‘s
  11. Extra USB plugs
  12. Command tape

Okay… there is probably more that I put in here.

I joined Harvest Hosts and Passport America for the trip. I’ll tell you when we use them. If you do join… please give Dwight and Kimberly Jackson a shoutout so we can get whatever Kudo’s they offer. 😉

We stopped at Cove Fort today. I think it deserves it’s own blog post. Such an amazing story. Those early settlers were strong and hearty! 🙂 The tour is a must! It is free and if they aren’t busy… which they generally aren’t, you can get a lot of interesting facts.

Then on to the Manti Pageant. Aria and Malachi were amazed! You will be to. Manti is not on the way to anywhere. You have to want to go there, and we did. 

We pulled out late. The pageant takes place at dusk. We headed toward Wade and Leigha’s. Got to a Wal-mart, and pulled in. We plan on staying at a lot of these Wal-marts across the country. I’ll tell you more later. Time for sleeping.

I hope you enjoy the trip. We will be posting pictures at:

facebook: Soaring Innovations home of Amazing Big Idea

Instagram: AmazingBigIdea, KitchenEsque, ComfortSciences, BikersTools

And of course, here, at headquarters for our Travel America


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