Top 3 Tips for Better Blogging

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Top 3 Tips for Better Blogging

Top 3 Tips for Better Blogging in the world of self-publishing, then you have learnt that setting up a blog is the easiest part. With tools like WordPress, Blogger, Typepad and much more, you can set up your site with just a few clicks.

To achieve your set goals including financial achievements using your blog, then you need to dress up your blog`s public presence. Here are tips to help you become a better blogger.

  1. The first of the Top 3 Tips for Better Blogging is to Establish a brand

The first step in building a brand is getting a domain name. You should be creative to get an interesting and memorable domain name. You can choose .com, .net, .org or any domain name of your choice.

Once you have the domain name, it is better to alter the domain`s DNS records so that your site appears when web visitors type your domain name into the browser.

Get a good logo as it acts like a visual hook. Ensure that the logo is of high quality and relevant to your blog.

Also, use the available plug-ins to customize your blog as much as possible.

  1. Write catchy titles

Often your new readers will arrive at your blog through permalinks. Not by clicking on your homepage. This shows that your title is the first part of your content that your readers will arrive at.

To make your headlines catchy;

  • Keep them short (40 to 70 characters)
  • Make it funny but make sense
  • Be concise

Ensure that you have highly quality content that addresses the needs of your audience. Don’t use industry jargon. Instead, keep it simple and straight to the point.

  1. Promote yourself

The blogosphere is a very crowded place. This means that you should market yourself. Consider establishing a relationship with other bloggers, sharing your content links on social platforms and much more.

Top 3 Tips for Better Blogging Sources

Serious and better blogging can generate much income more than you can imagine. Aim at making your blog appealing to the reader by choosing the right domain name, creating high-quality content, promoting it and much more. Don’t forget to track your performance by measuring traffic to your site and bounce rate.

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