TinTek by Auto Trim Design

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TinTek by Auto Trim Design

We had the 3M product put on the RV this morning. They guy at TinTek by Auto Trim Design came in early go get it done for us. Because of the height of the vehicle it wouldn’t go into his garage. He needed to apply it before the heat was too much.

It works GREAT! The bright light coming through windshield or cab windows is so hard on my eyes. Sometimes I have worn a hat AND sunglasses inside of a car just to cope with the bright light.

I am giving a shout out to TinTek by Auto Trim Design in St. George for their excellent work and customer service.  They have tinted two of our previous cars, and recently, when we bought out Prius V, we had the 3M product put on the front window,  InvisiGARD® Paint Protection and shades you pull horizontally across your windshield. (Honestly, hose look odd, but they work AMAZINGLY!

Contact them at…

376  E. Sunland Drive (Behind Furniture Row)
St. George, UT 84770

… tell them Dwight & Kimberly Jackson sent you. We don’t get a kick back of any kind. Just want him to know that his kindness paid forward. 😉

We did use a gift certificate from the Dixie Direct, he has a few other coupons floating around, he said. 🙂 And if you chat with him, kindly… he’ll probably give you the coupon rate even without the coupon. (No promises! That is just my impression of what a great guy he is.)

So… Back to the RV.

We had the 3M product placed on the windows but forgot to ask for the front blind. We were out running errands on that ‘TO DO’ list before you hit the road, when we noticed! We zipped back in, and he came out, tested the size, went back in, brought out another size, and affixed them in maybe five minutes. Very quick, very accomodating.

If you have a motor-home or car, I highly recommend getting these products. And don’t cheap out by buying a hack off of Amazon. >Ahem< I tried that. Didn’t work. Pay for TinTek by Auto Trim Design to do it right.

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