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Carson-Dellosa Publishing Coupons

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Carson-Dellosa Publishing Coupons As I have been reviewing educational resources for the On The Road Lifestyle. I came across Carson-Dellosa Publishing and their amazing products! Their tag line being; "The Leader In Educational Solutions With Teachers And Parents In Mind!" My children are my life. I had a Paradigm shift some time ago about what the [...]

Business Success Taking Action

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Business Success Taking Action Seems basic! Yet we are surrounded by folks saying, Monday I will start my diet. I really need to go to the gym. Maybe I'll go back to college. I should eat healthy. I ought to go into business for myself. I should take a vacation. I need to ask for [...]

What We Can Tony Robbins

– Posted in: Motivation, Vlogs Click the red subscribe button for more motivational and inspirational quotes! :) What We Can Tony Robbins... It is amazing what we can accomplish. Thank you for the inspiration. "What we can or cannot do, what we consider possible or impossible, is rarely a function of our true capability. It is more likely a [...]

How Am I Tony Robbins

– Posted in: Motivation, Vlogs How Am I Tony Robbins ? "How am I going to Live Today in order to create the tomorrow I'm Committed to?" Great questions? Got an answer? Let me know in the comments below! :) And click the Red Subscribe button... Feeding... Nourishing your mind, daily ... it's the best way to success! In [...]

Motivational Quote About Courage

– Posted in: Vlogs Motivational Quote About Courage It is funny to think of my life in hindsight. I rarely do except when I need to draw forth an experience. One to highlight for you. I sat in an office one day. Two amazing women sat at the desks next to me. I had decided to return to [...]

Dani Johnson 12 laws of Success Law Number 1

– Posted in: Vlogs Who is Dani Johnson? I had no clue. My friend Told me I needed to go see her in person. Learn from her. I started looking at Dani's work. She started raw. Born to drug addicted parents, pregnant at 17, she defied the odds. She went though the cycles of poor rich poor rich... [...]

Business Succeeds Via Doing

– Posted in: Vlogs Business Succeeds Via Doing Darren Hardy says that the doer makes mistakes. Mistakes come from doing, but so does success. Make some mistakes today! I agree! I also believe wisdom is exemplified by learning from those who have gone before you. Then you don't re-invent the wheel... you make the wheel BETTER! LOL You [...]

Busines Success No Matter Who You Are

– Posted in: Vlogs   Business Success No Matter Who You Are You are foreordained to succeed. God made you, He wants you to be successful. For your business success, no matter who you are. Click the link; it doesn’t matter where you’ve been.   Darren Hardy says, "The Doer makes mistakes. Mistakes come from doing, but so [...]

Motivational Quote Your Greatest Source of Learning

– Posted in: Vlogs Your Greatest Source of Learning...   Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character. But if you must be without one, be without strategy. Character will always pull you through. It will always gain you want you want, which is respect and ultimate success. Advertising is only evil when it advertises evil things. [...]