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Religious Persecution In America

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Religious Persecution In America Our country was founded on religious persecution. Those early Puritans came seeking a place to worship. Only they didn't afford others the same blessing. Note the Salem Witch Trials, and the popular classic book "The Scarlet Letter." During the religious revivals of the early 19th century, tent evangelists would move from [...]

Tips for a Successful Business

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Tips for a Successful Business Tips for a Successful Business; Many people start businesses thinking that getting money from the enterprise will be as easy as opening the door and letting money in. In today`s business world, to succeed you must be a good planner and have organizational skills. To avoid difficulties in generating money from [...]

Make money blogging: 8 Lessons to move from 0 to $100,000 per Month

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Make money blogging: 8 Lessons to move from 0 to $100,000 per Month –Part 1 Most people think blogging is a joke. To me, blogging can rake in more than $100k into my bank account monthly. Blogging is one of the greatest and the fastest growing online businesses, and it sometimes performs better than most [...]

4 Keys to Wealth and Happiness

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4 Keys to Wealth and Happiness You have the ability to take absolute charge of your life.  But, having the ability is different from using it. Understand that life is full of pitfalls that can prevent you from exploiting your full potential. In this article, I will present four keys to wealth and happiness. These [...]