Summit Athletic Club St George UT

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Summit Athletic Club St George UT

Summit Athletic Club St George UT on Sunset Drive is a small, quaint little club with extremely nice employees. However, the sales people will lie through their teeth to you. LOL

What do I mean? We have been members there for a while. We originally joined to train for a St. George Marathon and use their equipment. We were promised that management was actively looking for a new location on the West side of town and it would have all the amenities, of the other locations.

Fast forward to today. The bill hit the account for $33.93. That gives us two adults, no children, access to the Sunset Dr. and the Mall Dr. locations. We agreed to pay that. I am not disputing it. The problem I have is that we’d like to use the River Rd. location.

This is their claim to fame for this stunning location:

Summit Athletic Club is not just a gym.

Summit Athletic Club is Southern Utah’s only full-service indoor/outdoor private health club.

Whether you are looking to relax in a spa, sauna or massage; trying to get in shape with cardio machines, strength equipment or free weights; enjoy a sport like tennis, swimming, basketball, or biking; looking to lose a few pounds on our exclusive 30 minute weight loss circuit; or looking to increase your fitness motivation through group fitness classes; SUMMIT HAS A FITNESS SOLUTION FOR YOU!
Unlike a gym or recreation center, Summit strives to offer fitness solutions. We work hard to help you have a complete healthy lifestyle. Being a private club we can ensure you have a comfortable, worry free environment to be in with knowledgeable and professional staff always ready to help. Also, while we have plenty of equipment for even the most dedicated lifters and fitness enthusiasts, we focus on having regular people as our primary members.

Nice, huh? They also have longer child care hours! Hello? When we signed up, I had a kindergartener. The child care hours at the Sunset location made it impossible to either get a class in during kindergarten (Then pick up my little guy.) Or go long enough to allow me to drop him into child care and attend a class. They close in the middle of the afternoon (normal toddler nap time) and open back up at 5:30 pm. No class offered at that time, though.

And let’s face it. I DO NOT want to exercise in the evening. My get up and go has long gone.

The bigger deal is that I spoke to workers, emailed management and contacted them on facebook. I explained the child care hour dilemma.

However! And most important? I told them if we extended the Summit Athletic Club St George UT child care hours. I WOULD actively campaign for other kindergarten moms to  join the club. I told them so! Free advertising, right?

Well… you could have heard the crickets chirping. Bad stuff.

Then I reached out to them again. They sales team keeps saying, “When we get enough members on the West side, we will build a new gym.” Um… What happened to “Build it and they will come?” philosophy? So I asked again….

Why not get your other members involved. Tell us what we need in membership? Put up a sign with our current membership and let us help you! … and by extension, ourselves.

Again. Nothing.

Well… we are headed out on a long summer vacation touring the country. When we get back… we will homeschool and then pay for childcare. I’ll have to let you know how it goes.

For now the Summit Athletic Club St George UT is a great place if you can join the River Road site, AND take their classes there. If you live on the West side?? I can plead with you to join in order to get management to build us a better club.

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