Stop Waiting, Act

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Stop Waiting, Act

Stop Waiting, Act! A ship that is anchored makes no progress. With the sales unfurled… you can turn the rudder to great effect!Stop-waiting-act-INFINii

This is the message I am sharing with you.

I have now been selling and involved in the eCommerce side of marketing for nearly two years. I started only looking to offer something to people who wanted a ‘job’ and not looking for some Multi-level Marketing (MLM) business. And I found my Holy Grail!

What I found was the answer to both!

With an amazing track record of helping people.. the new INFINii Beta Period is drawing to a close. We ran the website and updated servers. Tracking sales and listing new resources were uploaded and tested on those of us that already knew it worked!

Those who took the challenge to…

Stop Waiting, Act

  • On January 4th, 2016, while still in this Beta Phase, over 1000 people are joining each day. This is without replicated sites (meaning the company hasn’t generated any sales material!)
  • eCommerce Platform User IPs (This is where the user’s computers are, to show they are new users.) are up 300% in the last two weeks
  • In the last partial month (Beta Phase for the new website) over $500,000 USD  of Member eCommerce Sales have been tracked. This is ONLY the sales that are being generated through the eBay tracking software. Not sales that members have generated on other platforms or have not connected to the site’s tracker!

Coming Live on January 15th, 2016

  • Software roll outs, not only listing a product in as little as 30 seconds, but more! The new software will tell you WHAT to list based on what is currently selling by entering a keyword.
  • Masters Classes; twice a week. special classes for six weeks in eCommerce. Learn from the best for affiliates and eCommerce sides (included in membership)
  • Break even and/or be profitable with ONE sale with the fast start bonuses

>>Stop Waiting, Act, Click Here<<


You may think that I am out of my mind. But get this!


>>Stop Waiting, Act, Click Here<<

If you want to be a marketer and building a team… you need to ask three questions;

  1. How much do I make?

In the first thirty day we asked, “Can we get you to break even or profit?” The reason this is so important is that the average person in network marketing refers 2.4-2.7 people. In their entire life of being an affiliate marketer!

Infinii-bonus-PlanLet me walk you through some of this…

If you join at Prime. Refer one customer. Who purchases Excel. You generate 400 BV = $100

plus $60 in the fast start bonus

So that first month. It costs $50 to join + $10 for being an affilate partner

Your earnings from first Exce. sale are $100 + $60 for fast start bonus.

Essentially made $100 profit with that one sale.

If you are a surge member it costs $150 to join + $10 for being an affilate partner

Your earnings from first Excel. sale are $100 + $60 for fast start bonus.

Essentially you broke even your first month of owning your own business.

And that isn’t figuring in the eCommerce side!

2. How quickly do I become profitable?

For the first time, the people that you bring in, who are NOT making money from network marketing, Can make money from the training alone. AND their tracked sales count toward your Business Value.

The majority of the user base is customers, using the training to make money selling in eCommerce. Because of this Business Value is high and the retention rate of your customers is high. People stay where they have success. INFINii also has the lowest attrition rate of other MLMs out there.

3. Is this duplicatable?

Yes. Because the team members you bring in can make money using the platform AND get quick first month bonuses. They are more likely to stay.

>>Stop Waiting, Act, Click Here<<


Why? Because I am seeing some ‘big’ names in the online marketing world, dropping their current companies and heading here. It is simple. This works. And it works for everyone. So the people who are marketers know they can really help others succeed!

On January 15th

We will enter the next step in roll out.

  • Real time back office sale statistics comeing in
  • Replicated websites
  • Software Releases

In our first two weeks of INFINii Beta, we had more numbers of five figure income earners, just as a partners, than 99% of MLM companies, in their MLM lifetime.

Our partners see that the designing leadership is not as interested in making money from the people they bring on… because they can make money in eCommerce. Therefore they are free to give more money back to affiliates

How this, Stop Waiting, Act, is panning out;

  • In the last few weeks of the new Beta site, 3216 sales have been tracked
  • There have been $169,987.10 USD made in sales, on January 5 to 6th… Just eBay sales being tracked by INFINii… not other platforms. Not the items NOT being tracked
  • Plans to roll out a live disclosure page! This means a constantly updated profitability statement or current users and affiliates.

All statements made to the best of my ability to re-state my understanding of facts as they were presented to me. 🙂 <— see, legally, even I have to make a disclaimer!

Some companies hide disclaimers and discloses in obscure small print. This works. And it is provable. Stop Waiting, Act

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