Social Currency and How To You Use It

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Social Currency and How To You Use It

Social Currency and How To You Use It without being famous. You can quietly and privately grow your wealth, your empire without vast negative media input. How? Social Currency. Nevertheless, in today Social Media and Internet Glut, being well connected can be of tremendous benefit to you, regardless of the kind of business that you social_Currency_How_Tochoose to run.

Thus the concept of “social currency.” This concept existed before social media really became a thing, but it has become even more relevant since the rise of Google+, Ask, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook Digg and an endless list of others… Social currency refers to your level of online influence. It refers to how much access to you have to other influence-ers and how able you are to leverage those relationships to your benefit.

While it is inconceivable, or even necessarily accurate, is Klout. How would one measure the social currency or online “clout” that a person or brand has on the Internet? You know it when you see it! It is like describing love, right? Social currency can also be used to describe the credibility that a brand or person has on the web.

How_To_You_Use_Social_CurrencyIf you’ve got a lot of social currency, then it means that you’ve likely got a lot of reach. You are likely connected with other people who similarly have a lot of social currency, which also boosts your own social currency. Funny how that works. So, what does all of this mean? When you have built up a lot of social currency, you gain the increased ability to have your content go viral. ‘Shared’

Your content is more likely to be seen by more people (traffic), it’s more likely to be shared and get clicks (referrals), and it’s more likely to put more money in your pocket (sales/conversions). The million dollar question, then, is how do you do it?

Social Currency and How To You Use It

  1. Social_Currency_How_To_You_Use_ItA big part of this has to do with developing relationships with people who are influential (i.e., have a lot of social currency) in your niche or industry. You expand your audience when you befriend the right people. Those who watch them, will want to be your friend and watch you.
  2. People are more likely to share what makes them look good. Let’s use a fairly common example. Let’s say that you run a Business Motivation Blog and you want to inspire others. Posting inspirational and uplifting content is going to engender more respect from those who feel similarly. Or want to feel similarly. Get it?
  3. Don’t alienate one audience in favor of another. Sharing things that are remarkable will get them shared. If you are promoting a blender then appealing to the benefits of that blender over another, is still a positive post.
  4. People like to share things that are remarkable, because it makes them look knowledgeable or cool: “I’ve been saying all along that Vita-mix blenders are terrific; here’s proof.” This is just like people sharing all of their positive life experiences — eating at fancy restaurants or hitting up exotic locales — on Facebook and Instagram. They want to look good in front of their peers.

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Social_Currency_Use_ItWhen you’re able to leverage the power of these “influencers” and get them to *want* to share your content, you’ve earned yourself some serious Social Currency and KNOW How To You Use It

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