Repurposing My Blog

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Repurposing My Blog

Did I tell you why we are Repurposing My Blog? I’ll get RIGHT back to the HOW

Back to the days when I/We (Okay, we’re going to have to use those pronouns interchangeably.) … were blogging about business and sales. I started this blog.

Repurposing My BlogBlog content gets traffic. (Traffic on a street is the number of cars that pass a certain point. On the internet, Traffic is the people looking at your site.)

Content converts traffic into customers.

Only problem?

I don’t want to market anymore. I want to LIVE THE LIFESTYLE and enjoy my family. My WHY has never shifted. My HOW has shifted. And thus my blog has shifted as well. The knowledge I gained is still valuable and I want to share it WITH you.

Step By Step To Repurposing My Blog

I can bring more traffic and convert more leads by repurposing my blog to what I am doing “Today”.

There are two parts to blog optimization. And all areas will need to be addressed to change the course of a blog.

ONE: Writing a new blog post (researching and using keyphrases)

  1. Research! Choose phrases we can rank for. Are people searching for that keyword? And if they are searching for that phrase then who is the competition?
  2. Domain and Page Authority can be checked at Open Site Explorer. This is part of a paid tool, but you can use it a few times per day at no cost.
  3. Relevance! Google is basically a top ten list of what they think you want to find when you type in a search phrase. Google doesn’t want you to try to trick the search engine. Be real. No hype. Make sure your blog post is about what it really is and give solid content.
  4. Target keyword phrase locations and frequency (see below)
  5. Semantic SEO. These are the phrases that contain our keyword phrase. How can we use those? You will find them at the bottom of the Google search page when you type in your own keyword phrase. At the bottom of my search, it says “Searches related to repurposing my blog”
  6.  Formatting is key. Most content is viewed on mobile devices these days. Is it easy to read? Short paragraphs, headers, bullet lists, images, and quotes.
  7. Link to your old blog posts. The posts published months or years ago may already be ranking on page one or two. Then edit that old blog post back to your current blog post.

Target keyword phrase locations and frequency

  • Use the target phrase once in the header
  • Use the target phrase 2-4 times every 500 words (Don’t stuff your page with the keyword phrase or Google will penalize you)
  • Use the phrase once in the title tag
  • Use the phrase once in the meta description

My life has brought me to the lifestyle. 🙂 And sharing what we do as a family is where we are now. I want to share what we have learned with anyone searching for those keywords or phrases. Here are some other resources which you may find helpful.

Let me help you out. How I went about Repurposing My Blog

  1. Here are 7 killer ways to repurpose blog content to get more customers
  2. 6 Ways to Repurpose Your Blog Posts for Social Media
  3. 13 Clever Ways to Get More Mileage From Your Content

This has all been about the blog post writing. You will also need to change the keywords and target audiences in the back area of your WordPress blog. You can also go back and rework every old blog. That is a debatable value. Time vs Content and ranking. Let’s just keep to the basics today. Enjoy!

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