Mount Nebo Scenic Byway

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Mount Nebo Scenic Byway

This is going to blow your mind! 🙂

Mount Nebo Scenic Byway winds its way, semi-parallel to Interstate 15.  38-miles and takes about 1.5 hours to complete (if you can keep yourself from stopping and gaping at the amazing scenery. I wanted to share it with you.

We went down route 132 to the Nebo loop sign. I saw the first image and thought, “Oh no. This road is going to be windy and narrow for our RV!

It was worth the risk. We made is just fine and the views were spectacular. Okay… not the cattle, the VIEWS. 🙂  I started grabbing quick clips of video from the RV window or at some of the scenic overlooks.

Can you believe the vistas? Now no ogling my husband. LOL

What do you think of Aria’s first video? She is so sweet. And Malachi wont say much at all. I am beginning to think he might be shy?

They will jabber on forever and then get all nervous about making a video. Not like their mom, huh?

This next image, with the snow at the end of June, reminds me of Lake Tahoe.

There are camp ground and a marathon up here!

I’d like to take a motorcycle down these beautiful windy roads. Stop and read every plaque.

Walk every trail. Wait until you see the paintings from these reference pictures! And more that I have as secret surprise images!

I highly suggest you take the time to visit this Mount Nebo Scenic Byway when you

travel between Salt Lake City and St. George. It is worth every minute of your time. And I bet most people in  Utah don’t even know it is here!

Wow! I wanted to stay longer. However we were headed to church services and if we dallied too long… we’d miss them.

You may ask my why I bother. After all

Aren’t you on vacation?

Why bother with church? It is like this.

  1. I am raising children who will see and note everything I do. I have to be a good example for their benefit. If I screw up in life… and I do/will/have… they will take note of that. They may use is as an excuse for their own behavior. They may use it as a reason to not listen to other advice I give. I have to be as close to not hypocritical as I can get. For them.
  2. I hope the Lord doesn’t take a vacation on me. I need him this trip. I need Him to watch over our family as we drive down the road. I need Him to keep our RV running. I need Him to watch over those around us so that their bad moments… don’t hurt us.
  3. I snuck a picture of my darling Aria who teaches me daily. I didn’t want to stay for the whole meeting. I was tired. I wanted to nap. So I carefully phrased a question about going. Not ‘if’ but ‘what do we do next?’ and without hesitation, she answered. And here we are before the service starts. She is staring back at the door, waiting for Daddy so she can wave at him and let him know where we are sitting. 🙂
  4. Because as I sat in Sunday School, beside Dwight. I realized why I was there. It wasn’t for Aria or Malachi or protection on the road. It was because the words coming out of the teacher’s mouth, and the thoughts shared by the fellow patrons…. I needed to be reminded. I needed to hear.

Never never never forget the real importance of life. Why we are here. Worship. Grow. Humble yourself and rejoice in the Lord! 🙂 And before or after church. Some lovely Sunday. Visit Mount Nebo Scenic Byway.


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