Motivational Quotes From Inspiring Women Leaders

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Motivational Quotes From Inspiring Women Leaders

In business I have learned that #WeAreMoreAlikeThanDifferent

“Don’t let being a woman hold you back from the leader that you’re destined to be.” — Jamie Farsnel

Women are Powerful. Not ‘more’ or ‘less’ than men. We are our own gender

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“No country can ever truly flourish if it stifles the potential of its women and deprives itself of the contributions of half of its citizens.” — Michelle Obama

Be an equal “Do not wait on a leader…look in the mirror, its you!” — Katherine Miracle

In your home.

In your business.

In YOUR life. I get asked to be a mentor. I always decline. This is why. YOU are powerful. Gather from multiple resources. Grow in the field you want, and learn from ALL FIELDS. There is only one perfect person. So take the best from multiple people. 🙂

“Leadership is not about men in suits. It is a way of life for those who know who they are and are willing to be their best to create the life they want to live.” — Kathleen Schafer

We #LoveOneAnother We care. So many ‘guru’s are pretending.

Be real! #YouAreDivinelyForeOrdainedToSucceed Truly.

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Today is YOUR day.

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