Make money blogging: 8 lessons to move from 0 to $100,000 per month

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Make money blogging: 8 lessons to move from 0 to $100,000 per month –Part 2

Well, you are curious to make money online, right? Blogging is an area that can help if only you use it in the right way. Here is a continuation of my last article Make Money Blogging: 8 Lessons to Move from 0 to $100,000 per month part 1. Read on and at the end, you will find how simple it is, to rake in huge cash from blogging.

Lesson 4 Make money blogging: 8 lessons to move from 0 to $100,000 per month: There is no cheap market

“Uh! No, Anne!” I can hear you complaining. “I can`t make $100,000 sales monthly. My customers don’t have much money.”

You are right. Unless you are selling exclusively to multimillionaires, the majority of clients we have may not afford the premium product. But don’t worry. It is better to sell your products to the few customers you are sure they will buy than giving out your product for free. If you have 100 subscribers, and 2 of them are willing to buy, those two will always pay you more money than the other 98 combined.

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Lesson 5: By charging premium prices, you can offer premium services

For example, if you have a coaching program, offer to get in touch with your students say weekly, review their homework and answer their questions as well as guiding them. This is a continuous process, and you should charge a premium fee.

Lesson 6: deliberately delay the sale

Don’t clobber your readers with sales pitches at first. You should Shift from the thinking of first pushing everyone to buy your products. Please delay your sales. Give your readers content to build trust before talking about buying your products. You may think that you will make little income in the short-term, but the long-term income will go through the roof.

Lesson7: Your email list is crucial

In analytics One Metric That Matters (OMTM) principle helps to predict accurately the success or failure of your project.
In blogging, OMTM is your email list. The size of your email list is an excellent predictor of how much money you are likely to make from your blog.

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Lesson 8: Surveys are dangerous

Then, how do you find the problems that are in your customers` minds? Traditionally, the answer is the survey. I am against this.

Here is my reason, ask the wrong question and get an entirely misleading answer. Use that answer to guide your business and run bankrupt not to mention the waste of time!

Ask only one question and look for patterns in the responses you receive, and you learn what they need as well as what products and services you need to create. For example, in my case, I can as you, “what`s your biggest frustration with making money from blogging?”

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I took some time to research these 8 lessons on making money through blogging. I learned a lot and decided to share with you. I believe these lessons will help you in improving your online income.

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