Luke 4:24 Wisdom in Business

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Luke 4:24 Wisdom in Business

Luke 4:24, Wisdom in Business, “And he said, Verily I say unto you, No prophet is accepted in his own country.”

I am being a bit melodramatic. Give me a few moments and I will make my point about business….

A. In Luke’s account, Chapter 4

  • Jesus fasts forty days and is tempted by the devil
  • Jesus Proclaims His divine Sonship  in Nazareth and is rejected
  • He casts out a devil in Capernaum, heals Peter’s mother-in-law, and preaches and heals throughout Galilee.

Here the people of THE Son of God teaching them. They have prayed for the Deliverer. Except they were expecting a physical delivery. A King to free them from oppression. What He offered was far more valuable. Yet hard to see by the downtrodden people. It was subtle.

B. Let me provide you a little resume…

This is just a quick synopsis off the top of my head. I have no intention of belaboring the issue. Just making a point.

Spouse A:

  • Child of Life Long Entrepreneurial Parents
  • Educated with a BA from Purdue University
  • Educated with a BFA from the Art Institute of Boston
  • Professional free lance pictorial and mural artist. Having had an agent and sold internationally
  • Worked as a Medical Illustrator and published in major medical periodicals
  • Skilled in multiple software packages, tele-marketing, secretarial, organizational and public speaking

Spouse B:

  • Retired civil servant
  • 3 associates and 1 baccalaureate degree
  • Built and sold multiple homes for profit
  • Owned vending businesses
  • Raised intelligent, successful children who are contributing members of society
  • Started in online marketing in 2012
  • Started in eCommerce sales in 2014
  • Spent many dollars self educating, traveling for training and purchasing of educational materials and software

There is a ‘chance‘ they may know a thing or two, about what To Do and what NOT To Do…

This brings me back to…

C.  Luke 4:24 Wisdom in Business

Sometimes the wealth of information may be found in those around you.

  • Can you find it?
  • Do you know what to look for?
  • How do you apply it?

Business Success is multi-layered. From your outlook about money and those to who have it… all the way to where you get your information from. Check out Tips for a Successful Business

Vick Strizheus, “I can teach you how to make $1,000 a month. I can teach you how to make $100,000 a month. But I cannot teach you how to make $1 million a month. Because the last I have not done, yet.”

Glean knowledge and wisdom from those around you.

My brother has changed his career trajectory multiple times. Did he go back to school? In a sense… Yes! He found that everything he needed to study, he could garner from online resources. He improved his families well being and did it through intelligent initiative.

What I have learned is that all the things I paid for… LOTS of what I paid for… I could have learned without paying a dime.

Some of that would be tortuous trial and error. However… everyone eventually tells what they know. Let’s go back to Vick, because  I mentioned him earlier. Did you know that if you follow everything he says and what his followers quote from him… you don’t have to pay for his courses? You might not get his software, support or tutelage… however… you also didn’t pay ten’s of thousands to learn it. hmmmm….

How about this one; How do you budget your grocery to get good prices without eating ramen every day? I told my niece I would share my knowledge with her.

  1. Can you find it? start with those who already have a track record. Start by listening and reading everything they have online.  Webinars, Stages, Podcasts, YouTube, Periscope, Blab and more. What do they constantly repeat? Who else are they quoting? Follow them. Get on their email lists. Join their newsletters and free webinars. Read the books they quote from. Ask those around you. Have your friends or family tried and failed? Why? Get past the excuses or the pride and listen. Do they have resources that you can use. ie: experience, knowledge, books, friends they can introduce you to?
  2. Do you know what to look for? When you see patterns emerge. implement them! Patterns in success such as Visualization. Goal Setting. Budgeting. 80/20 principle. Delegating. Productivity…. How does apply to your niche?
  3. How do you apply it? Do you go all in and buy everything at once? No. You become accomplished at one thing at a time. Why would you start to paint the drywall before you have poured the foundation of your house? Start

So simple. Really. The profits in your life…. In your business… may already be there.

Stop. Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Exhale. Think carefully.

One last note: A successful person is not successful in every area of their life. You can’t be perfect in everything. If your definition of success is the happy marriage. You need to speak to people with happy marriages. If success is having an online following. People who look to you for motivation and frank insights. Look for those who you would follow for such motivation. You can, and should, ask for advice and insights from those around you. Listen. Process. Think logically. Why reinvent the wheel your parent’s or friend has already done? Follow their successes and learn from their flops.

I choice of successful people is to always be learning and recognizing the wisdom around them. apple Luke 4:24 Wisdom in Business

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