Love One Another Campaign

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Love One Another Campaign

Love One Another Campaign Where were you ONE year ago?

Like most everyone the new year brings time for reflection. What can I do better this year? Love+One-Another-Campaign

I knew where I wanted to be with my financial goals but felt that I needed to work more on myself. To be even more kind and more gentle. I told my facebook friends as much.  It gave rise to a hash tag that I have been using ‪#‎LoveOneAnother‬

I decided to make a more concerted effort at bringing people joy and peace.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, we were in Las Vegas. We have family there and were celebrating the warmth and fellowship. I was walking across a bridge caring my son back to our hotel. He is 4.5 years old and a little big for mom to carry. Nevertheless, he was so tired and needed to rest. I had sent my daughter and husband along to see more lights. Love+One-Another-CampaignAs I crossed over one of the pedestrian bridges, I saw many homeless with signs asking for help. My heart wrenched because I had zero money on me, and no snacks. Why didn’t I bring snacks? We have them in our car and hand them out as we see people in need…. But this night, all I had was my little boy in my arms. As I neared the apex of the bridge, I saw a man offering blessings. As people passed he greeted them and called out a blessing to them. I met his eyes, smiled and thanked him. He was so surprised and instantly delighted! He poured more blessings upon us as we continued.

Then I saw this youtube video and remembered… Thanksgiving… Christmas… and ‪#‎LoveOneAnother‬

Something MUST be done...

Love One Another Campaign

Recently… maybe not recently… a growing number of hateful posts have been going around. People seem to think we need to be exactly alike! Love+One-Another-CampaignWho started this lie? Should all flowers bloom alike on the same day? And thus came this thought….

“I do not expect others to change for me.

I love people

I would not take a job at a place that expects me to serve alcohol, cigarettes, work on my Sabbath…
I would not take a job where profanity or sexually explicit talk was acceptable…
I would not walk into a brothel or a porn store and expect modesty…
I would not step into another persons worship service and condemn them for not worshiping the same as I…

I have very conservative beliefs and ideas.
I do NOT expect others to change their environment or workplace for me.
And I will not change who I am, for them.

I love them. We can be different. It is perfectly okay to be different! My closest friends have always been those who are VERY different from me, yet similar in acceptance and love.

Don’t let the media and stupid people stir you up to anger.
Don’t be easily offended.

Be happy.
Smile at the neighbor who does things differently than you.
Laugh with your friends. Don’t judge them!

We are more similar than different!

If a pastry shop ices their doughnuts right side down and you like right side up… go to a different shop! LOL Then again… which side is right? hmmmm

I love you.
Be happy.
Embrace those around you.

‪#‎LoveOneAnother‬ ”

Acceptance of one another is not acceptance of every aspect of who they are or how they act. We can  all be part of the Love One Another Campaign. 


Look at these two men.

What do you see?

What do you want to see?

“I don’t believe more laws and more controls will mandate society to ‘behave’ or cause less violence.
I do believe that showing love, reaching out and caring, and doing kind deeds, as a way of life, will enact more change for the good.
When we love one another, in general, we will have less crime, and hate.
It just makes sense.

And we must start today.Love+One-Another-Campaign

We have generations of children that have grown into adulthood without feeling loved and secure. We must, absolutely must, make a cultural change that starts with ‘me’. Or ‘You’.

I can’t mandate people into not being mean, angry or violent.

I can be kind and loving to all those I come Love+One-Another-Campaignin contact with.

I can, by simple small acts, help those around me feel enveloped in love and acceptance.

I cannot stop all acts of hate and violence.

I can help those I touch see that there are options and that I am not out to get them.

We, our culture, our society, did not get here in the last twenty years. It has become what we see today.

We must CHOOSE to change the course of generations.

We must choose to acknowledge that though you may be kind to every person you see… there will still be some that choose differently.

I CHOOSE to believe the more I love. The more lives I touch… will have more long term consequences than laws.

I believe we can enact a kinder society that will have overall goodness, if we live that way, TODAY

Instead of going after those things we are angry about. Cease the beauty!

Do you convince someone of your point of view through arguing or through gentle persuasion?

Today, “I saw a somewhat humorous, somewhat sad, somewhat disappointing photo yesterday.

Someone, speaking derogatorily about a clergy member…
Had photo-shopped this kind man. In the photo, he was obviously waving, and they had erased his fingers to appear that he was flipping people off.

Here is the deal….

If you really don’t like someone or something you can do several things…

A. Move on and focus on what you do like
B. Share and post about the side you do believe in. The opposite. The beauty and perks of your beliefs (Political, Social, Family, Business)
C. Share your own personal experience and perspective if you absolutely need to.
D. Consume your life with hate and animosity by constantly reading and posting about things you disagree with.

Don’t confuse this with being informed and educated. This is about perspective and how you look at life. How you go about your daily activities. Where is your mind? Your Heart? Your Thoughts. You will speak your truth into being.

Be successful in life by looking for the good. Choose to see the good.”

We can make this LoveOneAnother campaign go viral!

How much better will it be when the people that come into your business, or with whom you do business… are happier, healthier and more optimistic?

How much easier will your personal success be when your own attitude is one of Life Light and Love?

You will attract like minded people. AND  you will attract success in your life.

Where was I ONE year ago, and where will I be one year from today?

Love One Another Campaign

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