List Building Lifestyle By Igor Kheifets

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List Building Lifestyle By Igor Kheifets

List Building Lifestyle By Igor Kheifets is a brand new Podcast series by my friend Igor. He is truly brilliant! If you love learning as much as I do…Send Igor an email at Ask him to set you up with his training. Note the this category to your right? Click there and catch my notes as I follow this masterful course’s first run!

If you are somebody who is really passionate about making money from home in this marketplace, and you’ve realized now that free traffic doesn’t work and that paid traffic is the way to go, but you’re now stumbling into the challenge of being able to fund your business, because you haven’t any cash flow to buy more traffic, well, this show is for you. ~Igor

Who is the Show For? 

Most people online never achieve online success. And those that do will take a LONG LONG LONG time to do so.

Igor’s life was planned out in the Ukraine by his parents. He was a non-English speaking career destined to be an engineer. As an immigrant to Israel, he has learned English and conquered the Online Marketing realm.

This is for those who need a role model to follow. ‘Cause hey, if he can do it, so can you!

Are you doing List Building and Email marketing? This is for YOU. Particularly in the online marketing niche. Nevertheless… if you have any business, today. An online presence is vital. People ‘Google’ or ‘Youtube’ or ‘facebook’ for information. Those topics are covered in other blog posts. 🙂 Tune in and learn how to explode your business by marketing TO people and FOR people.

This is a frank conversation about making money from home in the online marketplace.

Some of the biggest industries right now are;

  • Weightloss
  • Dating
  • Health
  • Self Help

They all take some level of proof or credibility. Soooooo…. How do you get people to ‘give you money’ with no credibility. No money. No track record?

Ah! Let Igor teach you.

Go do iTunes and type in:

List Building Lifestyle By Igor Kheifets

You have a business. You want to make money… but who SHOULDN’T listen to this show?

Starting out, Igor says, he attracted the wrong people. Your product and his isn’t for everyone. So if you are still looking for a Bright Shiney Object or a Magic Button that brings Riches without work….Don’t listen. Don’t listen if you believe your business can grow without PAID advertisement, only SEO Blogging, only facebook ads…. Or if you believe you have to build relationships and give away free stuff to get sales.

Igor says to keep an open mind. This series is about aggressive pitching and getting people to give you money. He promises to dispel the many misconceptions you’ve been taught that are holding you back from amazing success,

Click the List Building Lifestyle By Igor Kheifets category for notes and updates as they are released.

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