Linking Social Media

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Linking Social Media

Never been easier with 

First off, yes I tried and both offer to connect your social media posts and make life easier as a marketer. However… they TAG everything with their own ad, don’t offer all the bells and whistles I want, and have rotten customer service. Really. Sorry. True for me.

I first heard of Zapier from #JessicaBrace when I met her in February of 2014. I tried it and loved it. Then when I left actively marketing Empower Network… and DSDomination… and Infinii. (Don’t bother with them.) I found I didn’t ‘need’ the linking social media. We sold on eBay and Amazon and the customers came to us.

However! I still had a deep urge to help people. I still posted uplifting and motivational quotes to my sites.

I still follow and use the training from Jessica Brace and kept linking social media on my own.

We came back to Zapier. We had since developed other Brand names:

The #AmazingBigIdea is that we needed to be able to reach different audiences. We went back to Zapier

I asked them:

On Tue, May 23, 2017 at 3:51 PM PDT

I am marketing multiple products. Each one has it’s own social media pages or logins. I need to have multiple social media logins accessible. is this possible?

On Tue, May 23, 2017 at 5:54 PM

Hi Kimberly,

Thanks for reaching out! Yes, this is possible…

I can provide further details or examples as needed.

Thank you,

I email a question and two hours later I get a response.

I set up my first multi-level zap and it didn’t work. Oh no! 

Emailed, and not only did I get the response, I had screen shot images, of my ZAP, on how to fix it and WHY it didn’t work. So… yeah… I am sticking with Zapier.

Linking Social Media is free, for the first few hundred zaps are free. If you want to do complicated social media links and large numbers of Zaps there are graduating scales of price.

Well worth it! Log in to Zapier. Link all your social media wordpress etc… And get going.

How is that for Amazing? LOL Glad to help

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