Lies About Email Marketing

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Lies About Email Marketing

Lies About Email Marketing and how we fall for it!

The Master List Builder Himself, Igor Kheifets, speaks on relationships with your ‘list.’ (your list is your list of email contacts that you email regularly, usually with an autoresponder or other customer relationship marketing software)

You’d think that Igor would be promoting ‘serving’ your list before expecting the list to buy anything from you. Isn’t that what the guru’s teach?

Not So! Contrary to a lot of gurus who teach to give away their valuable knowledge for  free…

Igor says that, for him, giving the list free content had more people not believing him, not buying from him and complaining about his emails being Spam… than ever buying from him. When Igor emailed his list with a pitch, after the free stuff value, the response was that ZERO bought anything AND his list complained. He was attracting a following of ‘free-loaders.’


Instead define good behavior as a list that buys from you.

But wait! Igor does give value to his list, right?

Okay Okay…. don’t give value as the alleged gurus tell you is value… free eBooks or free knowledge.

Give a different type of value. Value as information that is a trimmed version of what you are selling.

Value in the form of entertainment.

We consume information as entertainment today. No one wants to sit through long boring seminars or presentations. There is too much advertising and too much instant information. We are inundated. We want to relax and be entertained. The value you share should be easy to consume and entertaining. so then by the time they are done they feel like they learned something new, they are refreshed, they didn’t waste their time and they are entertained.

Focus on how you are delivering message. Not on hard contend of step by step instructions.

Then why do gurus keep pushing the give away free stuff line? Simple. Most people quit learning at a young age. What these gurus heard to do a decade or two ago… no longer works. But they read it. Or heard it. And they keep doing it. (The upside being you can learn a lot for free if you get on their lists)

What used to be a world of curios and knowledge hungry people. Has changed to couch surfing bored and entertainment hungry instant gratification people.

Why do people not value free info? Things we don’t sacrifice for. We don’t value. Example? Great! I am an artist. When I was 16 I gave a piece to my ‘boyfriend.’ The next time I was at his house it was laying in a pile of trash strewn on a floor. His little brothers were walking on it! I decided then to never give art away for free. I learned young.

Giving free stuff and asking them not to pay is like setting them up for failure. It is feeding their entitled addiction. Your list wont realize the value of what you have if you are giving it for free.

One Last Example… I have some family members who embarked on the online journey. They are selling something important and valuable. I have tons of information. Because I offered it to them for free… because I offered to help… THEY HAVE NEVER TAKEN ME UP ON IT. They won’t even discuss their business with me. They went out and hired a consulting firm and paid several tens of thousands of dollars to do most of what I could have taught them. For Free.

Maybe I didn’t learn that Art Lesson as well as I thought I did. hmmm…

So there ya have it. Lies About Email Marketing

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