Information Solutions That Work For Your Business Using Microsoft

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Information Solutions That Work For Your Business Using Microsoft

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Day! How are you doing?

Be sure to let me know what you would like answered, next. 🙂
In this video we learn how to make a Flier.
Most folks don’t even know that there are flier templates already in Microsoft Word.
You can make a few modifications or a bunch.
Here I quickly walked you through
Images and a general warning on copy write infringement.
If you are selling…
There are limitations on it. And I can’t tell you what those are because at the time of this video … I think it is like…
you can use it 500,000 times. Like if you are making a whole bunch of fliers. But that could change.
What you’ll need to do is Google It!
Contact Microsoft… see if is okay to use those images, and how.
Alright, Now That said, you can select this image and you can replace it… I am going to change this view
Your best option is to take your camera out and shoot your own images or buy one.

Use Alternate Text for electronic media:
The reason you want to do an alternate text is if you put something like this on a website and you have a blind person who is reading websites using software….
The alternate text tells people what it is!
Because they can’t see the picture
And if it doesn’t have an alternate text … it may as well be blank space.

Places you can use this knowledge?
Charitable foundations: You can replace this image with an image that you already own… Maybe you have a Habitat for Humanity worksite where people are working.
Or a Church Choir Group

Remember this Latin down in a ‘layout’ is just a place holder. Doesn’t mean anything.

Always, Always, Always include a telephone number
That way the people can call you
Especially if you are a small business you want people to call you

A website is helpful. And there is a belief out that if you are not Online with your business… within 18 months of this video recording… you will be missing the boat!
I can help with that. Just contact me.

One more piece of advice. Save your file while you are creating it! Save and Save often. 🙂 If you know computers at all you know that sometimes they hiccup. LOL 🙂

And that’s how you make a flier!
It’s so easy!

Carry the words with you…
Paste a smile on your face…
Everyone will wonder what you’ve been up to! 😉
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Information Solutions That Work For Your Business Using Microsoft Video is part of a series designed to help you with basics. I am prepared to help you with any question. Comment below.

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Information Solutions That Work For Your Business Using Microsoft Word Art!
Did you know Microsoft does a LOT of stuff… I’m going to teach you. 🙂

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