How To Make Money With A Cell Phone

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How To Make Money With A Cell Phone

How To Make Money With A Cell Phone is super easy. Say what?

Yeah… in the age where everyone shops on apps. It only makes sense that if you can spend money you can make money.

New course: Easy Cell Phone Video Course 


Video Best Practices >> This coure is jam packed with the latest information on everything you could want to know about creating professional looking video using only your cell phone, even if you have never made a video before and don’t even know where the record button is!


MODULE 1 | Mindset is The Key to Success – This module will show you a few simple shifts you can make to immediately create a significant impact on how well your videos convert viewers into buyers.

MODULE 2 | How to Create Client Attracting Content Quickly – Lighting and video quality are important factors in your video success plan. However, the most important piece of your video is the content. Learn our genius extraction method to quickly and easily generate endless amounts of value producing video content that your clients will love.

MODULE 3 | Recording Professional Videos with Your Cell Phone – This is where we walk you through step by step how to select the right equipment for the right video and quickly and easily set it up and film your videos like a pro even if you have never recorded a video before.

MODULE 4 | Green Screen Mastery – With your bonus video studio you have all the equipment you need to master the art of green screen video. Step by step directions and insider tips from a video pro to have you filming videos with any background you choose.

MODULE 5 | Post Production Power – Learn strategies you can apply to add some extra “WOW” to your videos. We cover DIY editing tips, hiring an editor, how to create custom animated video logos for less than $10 and a few other ninja video skills that will make your videos stand out from your competition.

MODULE 6 | Repurpose & Profit – Now that your videos are ready for the world where do you put them? Discover what “else” you can do with your videos to increase your views, leads and profits.

BONUS | Green Screen Stock Art Library – We have you covered with your very own screen library. This library features dozens of royalty free stock photos and video motion backgrounds that were created specifically for green screen video work.

I first learned How To Make Money With A Cell Phone from Jessica Brace 3.5 years ago. I met her and a conference and she was dynamic! I took her course and built a Youtube following, with my cell phone!

Now Jessica Brace is teaching how to do green screen background cell phone videos.

  • Yes. I signed up.
  • Yes. I endorse Jessica Brace.
  • Yes. Knowledge is power.
  • Yes. Jessica Brace is powerful and you need to take her course. Really. LOL

Now much selling goes on, in my blog. That is ’cause I am careful what I endorse. The test of time has proven that if you want to learn How To Make Money With A Cell Phone, you follow Jessica Brace.

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I don’t get any kickbacks. No affiliate link. Plain truth. If you scroll to the bottom of >>this page<< you will see a quote of my endorsement of Jessica. Yeah. She’s real.

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