How To Make A Dollar for Every Subscriber On Your Business List

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How To Make A Dollar for Every Subscriber On Your Business List

How To Make A Dollar for Every Subscriber On Your Business List Myth. I said it. Let’s move forward.

I have a friend. He is what is called A BIG FISH in online marketing.

He sent out this great email about expectations and list building.

I’m going to quote him, then tell you why…

Subject: How To Make A Dollar for Every Subscriber On Your Business List 

Body of email:

I get this question a lot:


“how many subscribers do I need to make good money from my list?”


I’ll tell you…

But first, I shall breaketh the biggest myth about this whole thing, okay?


When I started out building my list, I was told I should expect to make $1 per every person on my list per month.

I didn’t make that.

Not even in the same zip code.

I rejoiced if I made $0.012 per subscriber.

But that wasn’t enough to cover my autoresponder expenses.

Let alone gas, water and electric.

What happened next, will knock your socks off.

By total accident…

I discovered all this one dollar per subscriber per month talk is…



You’re NOT supposed to make a dollar for every subscriber on your list.

For most marketers, this number is unrealistic at best.

That’s why most list builders fail.

They just can’t fund their online biz without getting money from their list quickly.

But some smart marketers have cracked the code to self sustaining list building, believe it or not.

They’re getting as much as $3, $5 and even $10 per subscriber.


How To Make A Dollar for Every Subscriber On Your Business List  2 steps.

  1. They promote offers with a deep back end, which pay high ticket commissions. This way, every sale can potentially bring thousands of dollars, instantly multiplying the average subscriber value.
  2. They use high-quality leads that become more responsive over time… unlike “average” leads which lose interest and drop off quickly.


This is where it gets interesting…

The smart email marketers know this one secret.

80% of their sales come from 20% of the subscibers on their list.

These are the subscribers who open almost every email.

Click on the affiliate links.

And aggressively look into offers they put out.

So instead of expecting to get a dollar from every subscriber on their list (which is stupid and doesn’t work),

they strategically market expensive business opportunities to the most rabit leads on their list.

How-To-Make-A-Dollar-for-Every-Subscriber-On-Your-Business-ListThis way they get $3, $5 and even $10 per lead.

Like I said… SMART!

But it gets better…

After having discovered their strategy and having successfully applied it in my own business, I decided to take it to the next level by applying a “jewish twist,” (He’s Jewish. He can say that.), on their high EPC system.

Imagine in your mind’s eye how much more money you’d be making if your entire list consisted of these rabid subscribers?

a. lot.

Until now, it couldn’t be done.

But now…

It’s very much possible with my new traffic source that’s better than solo ads!

Click here for details on how to get these rabid leads risk-free

Igor Kheifets

Close body of email

It’s a Sales Letter. Right?

Now I love Igor. Been following him for years. Bought a lot of his advice. 🙂 Great businessman.

So what am I talking about here?

It is about learning from the right people. Choose who you follow. Your mentor. CAREFULLY. While your parent’s may have been married for 40 years, they may give good marriage advice. But if they are dead broke. Don’t get money advice from them!

If you want the autoresponder to pay off… to bring in customers… to make you money… you need to learn to market to your niche. This goes for everything.

Building a List of Patrons and getting that list to generate revenue is the secret sauce for most businesses today. Igor sells high quality traffic. Look him up here. Tell him I sent you. I don’t get a kick back. I just get a kick out of him knowing it was me! LOL

He does targeted “solo ads” for online marketers. However there are reputable Solo Ad sellers for EVERY  niche. If you need it geo-targeted to your city, Done. If you need it for an Amazon Product you sell. DONE. But be careful who you buy your traffic from and how you treat your list of subscribers.

Remember these are REAL people. Be respectful and honest.

If you want to have some tips on how to make your list generate revenue. Check out the tips here

You will find an amazing amount of information in the above sales pages. YES they will try to sell you something. It is good stuff but mostly I wanted to show you some people who know what they are talking about and give away good advice BEFORE they ever get a dime from you.

Business Success is knowing How To Make A Dollar for Every Subscriber On Your Business List 

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