How To Create Mobile Friendly Emails

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How To Create Mobile Friendly Emails

How To Create Mobile Friendly Emails is of paramount importance when we see the driving force of cell phone usage and how they have changed the way we correspond with the world. Through cell phones, we make telephone calls, surf the web, and send and get messages. Here’s a fast measurement before proceeding…

Did you know 36.4% of all messages are opened on a cell phone? This implies the other 56.3% is opened by tablets and desktop PCs. In any case, the quantity of messages opened through cell phones is stunning so is opportunity for you to begin considering tweaking your email promoting techniques. On the off chance that you don’t change your email showcasing, then you’ll be missing out on a potential 36.4% of individuals, which generally would have expanded engagement, benefits, devotion, and general development. Email administration suppliers know about the changing patterns and have given instructions on how to change your email system; in any case, you have to guarantee you make utilization of them by actualizing them into your emails going forward.

Here’s a couple tips to offer you some assistance with creating portable inviting messages so they get read and change over into guests…

How To Create Mobile Friendly Responsive Email Design

Responsive email design, or better known as RED, is vital to ensure you email’s get read and that they are easy to skim through. This interface ensures the email adapts to the mobile device it is being displayed on. While providing examples, I would like to showcase some statistics;

According to BlueHornet Email Marketing Study in 2013, around 80.3% of people who cannot view the email message on their mobile device are likely to delete it right away. The rest is divided up in the other options indicated below. The part to pay close attention to is how many people actually read it, which is roughly 6.3%.


From this information, you can see how important it is to ensure you have a RED display ready the next time you send out an email.

Remove Clutter

Too much text already causes problems for those on a PC or tablet so it’s vital for people on a mobile device to be able to skim through an email. We know 65% of emails are checked on a mobile device so it’s important you create the sales conversions you are hoping for through your follow-up sequence. Displaying emails on a mobile-device is only as good as the screen on your mobile phone, which is no bigger than 4-7 inches. One of the best ways to keep things simple is space out your navigation links and other buttons within your message. Having them stacked closely together makes them hard to click on and causes confusion.

To avoid email clutter, you should on focus on the necessities…

  • Call to action
  • Unsubscribe link
  • Share buttons
  • Contact email
  • Avoid traditional navigation bars because sizing them on mobile phones is difficult.

The next time you’re writing an email message, remember your purpose and the fact that it’s an email message, not a website.

Large Text and Buttons

It is impossible for me to read some emails on my cell phone. There is too much text, too small and the buttons aren’t clickable. If you keep in mind that you should bring up your size by 2 px for text and button dimensions, it will make them easier to navigate.

Tweak Subject Lines

Too long = tedious and distracting

If you use too many characters, it’ll appear cut off on mobile devices

Too short = Lack of clarity in WHY your message should be opened

Follow these subject-line tips…

  1. First, keep subject lines below 40 characters, including the spaces, so you don’t run the risk of them being cut off.
  2. Next, your subject lines should be interesting, to the point, and relevant.
  3. Include the first and last name of the subscriber
  4. Make the subject line relevant to the content. If you trick them into opening the message… it will work the first time, but, going forward, it will cause you to lose credibility and lose the subscriber.

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Wrapping It Up…

The power of email marketing is Vast… so it’s important you follow what works. Implement these tips into your next campaign. Track your results. Then tweak as you send out more email, increasing your conversions going forward. Each subscriber is a valuable asset to your brand so treat them as partners in your company because if you take care of their busy mobile needs, your business will take care of itself. How To Create Mobile Friendly Emails

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