How to Aim High in the Right Way

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How to Aim High in the Right Way

As a business owner, I know you are trying to squeeze more success out of your business. The question is, are you doing this in the right way?

Aiming high is a tool that has enabled me to achieve greater performance. You don’t need rocket science to aim high. You just need to be ambitious.

Aiming high requires you have the following;

  1. Stretch goals
  2. Self-motivation intended to achieve the high-aiming goals
  3. Small wins strategy to manage your goals

Stretch goals

You need to set very ambitious goals. Even though such goals may seem impossible, the results may surprise you.

The General Electric`s former CEO Jack Welch had adopted this strategy. According to him, you can achieve stretch goals and if not, you will, at least, accomplish phenomenal results better than you could have done if you had set lower goals.

It is a strategy that can help you realize what you can achieve. Remember, aiming less mean that you are operating inefficiently, and you are underutilizing most of your resources. Setting ambitious goals ensures that all your resources are used optimally to achieve the target.

Sometimes being ambitious can be stressful. If you don’t reach your goal, but you have incredible results, be proud and appraise your staff for their efforts. Never getting satisfied is a sure way of demotivating your employees.

Self motivation

Self-motivation is the central pillar of aiming high. Well, you can set the most ambitious goals in the world, but if you lack self-motivation, your goals are as good as garbage.

Self-motivation is a strong driving force that makes you find a way of getting something you want badly.

Small wins

You have now set your stretch goals and are all hyped to get started. However, some ambitious targets can be discouraging. To fight such instances, divide your big goal into sub-goals and ensure that you achieve each sub-goal.

Employing this strategy in your operations makes goals which may seem too steep scalable. Small wins approach helps you to turn a cliff-like goal to a staircase. It just makes the climb task easy for you.

Have you been aiming high in the right way? If not, now you know how you should do it. Use aiming high as a tool to make your business grow. Tweak and reform it to make a more efficient strategy for setting and tackling your ambitions.

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