House of Jump St George UT

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House of Jump St George UT

This is too funny.

We went to¬†House of Jump St George UT for a little fun. Yes, I had a coupon! ūüėČHouse of Jump St George UT Fl

Aria and Malachi had a great time jumping.

Me? I don’t do trampolines. I have a solid sense of my own mortality. Therefore, I had some great time to observe.

  • The employees are AMAZING. Super nice. They actually made eye contact, spoke clearly and smiled. Once when I walked up to ask a question… they immediately stopped chatting with each other and turned to me, to help. (Today, with today’s employees… this s a HUGE deal!)
  • The trampolines were fun. The kids liked them. There were many areas to play. Older kids could do jumping games. Little kids could just wander. ¬†(I have more pictures but I didn’t download them from my phone. Sorry.)
  • Downsides… Filthy. I posted this picture on social media…

House of Jump St George UT

There are some tables with chairs. I gingerly perched on the edge of a hard chair and did not touch the filthy/sticky surfaces. I am sorry House of Jump St George UT, I felt disgusting there and had to shower when we left.

  • Next… they have an outside vendor who owns some of their arcade games. Those games are broken and because it is an outside vendor…. they will not reimburse you for the loss. Suggestions? Get the vendor to let you handle their machines. Get rid of the vendor and own all your own machines.

On the negative notes… Alas…. We WILL go back. I can always bathe the kids and I. #AmazingBigIdea The are area was very open and I never lost line of sight to my children. This was HUGE for a mom. They kids had a blast. Anything inside and out of the heat is a good thing.

Contact them:

415 S Dixie Dr
St George, UT 84770

To¬†House of Jump St George UT… Clean throughout the day. “If you have time to Lean, you have time to Clean”

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