Golden Corral St George UT

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Golden Corral St George UT

Took the #KitchenEsque box for leftovers from Golden Corral St George

Family dining is what we were looking for. What we found was an array of conflicting emotions.

The menu was fine. Not great. Probably the best thing there is the fresh fruit and salad bar. The main courses seemed to all have the same bland flavor. Fried. Now you can add a sauce. BBQ, salad dressing, cheese… and that will change the pallet’s experience.

However, I don’t see us going back.

We showed up to take advantage of a free birthday meal for Dwight. His birthday was October 3rd and Golden Corral St George UT store sent us a coupon.

Am I being too harsh? The reviews on Google give it a 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Golden Corral St George UT facebook page

Okay. The good.

  • Really nice employees who work hard and are on their feet all day. Tip them! Really.
  • Fresh food options
  • Lots of desserts
  • Really busy. This is good. That means people WANT to eat there. ūüôā

The bad?

  • It felt grimy. I saw employees cleaning, but it ‘felt’ dirty.
  • Close tables
  • Empty buffet food trays were not replenished quickly.

My kids liked being able to pick out their own dishes. They loved the cotton candy. I thought that was an odd dessert. However! Malachi loved it. Yes… that may be the second time in his life he has had it. The whipped cream on top of the jello¬†was tasty, and the jello¬†itself tasted like it belonged on a hospital ‘clear liquid only’ tray. bleah!

Here is what I will say… If you have a large group with lots of differing opinions. A buffet is a way¬†to go that will please many pallets. IF you want fresh food. I am going to direct you to¬†Teriyaki Grill St George, UT. It isn’t that far from the Golden Corral St George UT¬† (Teriyaki Grill 875 w. Red Cliffs dr) and the food is just MUCH much better for you.

Endnote: The staff was extremely kind, nice and hard working at the Golden Corral St George, Tip them.





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