Goal Setting

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Goal Setting

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We need to have a Good Goal and a BEST goal.

Your good Goal is an attainable goal. One that you can do if you work diligently at your task

Your Best Goal is the optimal outcome if you do all you can do AND the universe lines up just right! LOL

I am going to draw out a sample goal setting for eCommerce. This works for every area of life, Spiritual, Physical, Weight Loss, Business, Education, Relationships…

Tony Robbins says, “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible!”

Otherwise they are all just dreams.

Where do you want to go? My good goal is to double my sales. My best goal is that I want to double my NET sales.

How do I get there? I sell on eBay and Amazon. I will add new products that will increase the exposure of options to buyers so that they will buy my product. I will increase my customer support and be more involved in my messaging with them.

What do I need to do daily/ weekly/ monthly? (I work 6 days a week. My Spiritual Growth relies on taking One day, a Sabbath Day, away from work.)

First I need to compare 2015’s numbers so that I know the progress I need to make in 2016.


  • Check Sales first thing in the morning, fulfill orders
  • Check email/ fb messages, respond as appropriate
  • Enter a Blog Post
  • List 3 new eBay products, daily


  • Accounting and Bookkeeping to assess progress toward monthly/ yearly goal
  • Seek and apply new training


  • Motivational_Quotes_From_My_Business_Success_with_Les_Brown_on_Oahu_Hawaii_set_goalsAccounting and Bookkeeping to assess progress toward monthly/ yearly goal

What are my check points?

  • Daily fulfillment of TO DO List
  • Reassessment of techniques. Do I need to add more items? More Sale points? More sale platforms?

Les Brown says, “If you set goals and go after them will allthe determination you can muster, your gits will take you places that will amaze you!”

These are two of my friends. Their advice for Setting Goals, to their team.

As Carla and Judy encourage their team, “Take Action”

Setting_Your_Goals_on_paper_makes_them_a_tangible_reality_Kimberly_Jackson_amazing_big_ideaSetting your goals on paper makes them a tangible reality.

After all, what is a Dreams versus a Goal?

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You are Divinely ForeOrdained to Succeed! You are MADE to be successful. One of the most powerful tools you can use is Goal Setting

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