Ebay Seller

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Ebay Seller

Look at that…. The end of an Era. 2.5 years ago we started selling on eBay. We drop-shipped much of our products. However, we also bought from China and shipped from our home. Ebay SellerWe paid bills and were able to make a lot of really great connections. The eBay customer support out of Salt Lake City is really really good. I don’t know if they will change it… but if listen to the recordings… you’ll know which call center your phone calls have been forwarded to. I would just hang up and call back to speak to the SLC personnel.

We joined DSDomination which taught us how to make money drop shipping as an eBay seller. Then we moved onto Amazon. We made more in our first month with DSD than we did in the previous 17 months of online marketing. That is really when we left. We couldn’t do it and tell people they’d have freedom. We had a change of perspective and realized that most of those MLM’s are NOT the way to make money. Can you? Yes. Do some have great products? Yes. Do we still use some of the products? Yes.

If you really really want to be successful… don’t do an MLM. I fought it for years and first joined Empower Network. Great teaching tool. Great people (back then at least… no idea what they are up to now….) However when someone introduced me to selling on eBay I became more in control.

So what did we learn? Financial freedom is possible.

EBay selling does work. We did it. We just made our last sale. Nice thing is that it will be there if we want to go back. 😉

Will it work forever? I don’t know. I’ll keep that account open just in case I want to sell some things. However we no longer ‘need’ to sell on eBay. We are doing things that are less demanding on our time.

Need work? Need money? Become an eBay seller.


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