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I often get questions like, “Hey Kimberly… do you know where I can get? find? …” That is what this page is about. These are products I like.¬†Digital, Housewares, Softwares, resources for homebodies and resources for business people. It really is rather random! LOL

Cool Finds is the¬†Home… Where Cool Things Live

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A traffic exchange is used by marketers in eCommerce. These are people looking to make money in your company.
FotoliaCopywrite. Just because you find it on the web doesn't mean you can use that image. Take your own pictures or buy them.
enounce-video-speedStudying anything video can be challenging. This service allows you to speed up or slow down video to the optimal rate you hear at.
Where I keep track of mailWhere I keep track of mail. This is called an Auto Responder. you can use it to manage mailing lists and people interested in your products or business. Send out coupons or birthday messages!
I suggest hosting them at BlueHost. Been with them for years and LOVE them. Great Customer Service. Great tutorials. And I have NEVER noticed them go down. Just sayin'
Sleep Mask with Ear Plugs Scientifically proven Quality Sleep needed for Memory and Intelligence. Researchers, using imaging and behavioral studies, continue to show the critical role sleep plays in learning and memory. During sleep, while your body rests, your brain is busy processing information from the day and forming memories.
Medical Alert Braceletsalk with confidence wearing this wristband. As important as tying shoelaces on running shoes... Jog along a city street or camping trail... you are ready for an emergency!
Paracord BraceletsPersonal Protection on your wrist! This inconspicuous rape whistle will alert people that you need help! Great from High School Student to College Campus Security and on to Elderly Med Alert!
Race Track MatLightweight and portable. Comes in a white box that is perfect for storing and transporting your game. Traveling to the beach, grandma's, doctor's office, day care, nanny position? Take along a Road Racing Track play mat, several vehicles and figurines, and your little one will be entertained for hours!