Motivational Quotes From Inspiring Women Leaders

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Motivational Quotes From Inspiring Women Leaders In business I have learned that #WeAreMoreAlikeThanDifferent “Don't let being a woman hold you back from the leader that you're destined to be.” -- Jamie Farsnel Women are Powerful. Not 'more' or 'less' than men. We are our own gender Check my pinterest board for Motivational Quotes From Inspiring Women [...]

Carson-Dellosa Publishing Coupons

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Carson-Dellosa Publishing Coupons As I have been reviewing educational resources for the On The Road Lifestyle. I came across Carson-Dellosa Publishing and their amazing products! Their tag line being; "The Leader In Educational Solutions With Teachers And Parents In Mind!" My children are my life. I had a Paradigm shift some time ago about what the [...]

I’m Sorry

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I'm Sorry Why is it so hard to say "I'm Sorry" From childhood we are taught to say,"I'm sorry" to our siblings and friends. We practice acknowledging our mistakes and making amends. And yet many people still struggle with the ability to admit a mistake. Learning to Say, "I'm Sorry" was one of the most [...]

Religious Persecution In America

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Religious Persecution In America Our country was founded on religious persecution. Those early Puritans came seeking a place to worship. Only they didn't afford others the same blessing. Note the Salem Witch Trials, and the popular classic book "The Scarlet Letter." During the religious revivals of the early 19th century, tent evangelists would move from [...]

Ebay Seller

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Ebay Seller Look at that.... The end of an Era. 2.5 years ago we started selling on eBay. We drop-shipped much of our products. However, we also bought from China and shipped from our home. We paid bills and were able to make a lot of really great connections. The eBay customer support out of [...]

Luke 4:24 Wisdom in Business

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Luke 4:24 Wisdom in Business Luke 4:24, Wisdom in Business, "And he said, Verily I say unto you, No prophet is accepted in his own country." I am being a bit melodramatic. Give me a few moments and I will make my point about business.... Jesus fasts forty days and is tempted by the devil [...]

4 Keys to Wealth and Happiness

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4 Keys to Wealth and Happiness You have the ability to take absolute charge of your life.  But, having the ability is different from using it. Understand that life is full of pitfalls that can prevent you from exploiting your full potential. In this article, I will present four keys to wealth and happiness. These [...]