Best Makeup Brushes Ever

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Best Makeup Brushes Ever! Best Makeup Brushes Ever! My friend who is an esthetician recommended the brushes when I bought new MaskCara makeup. She talked about the cost versus value trade off and how she had bought cheaper ones from drug stores etc... and these are the best bang for the buck! New Maskcara makeup, [...]

Free Windows 10 Upgrade

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Free Windows 10 Upgrade You too could get a Free Windows 10 Upgrade if you are disabled. As you may know... I am 'Legally Blind.' That means that by law, and within those standards, I fall under the American's With Disabilities Act (ADA), it also means I use assistive technology. Windows 10’s free upgrade offer, to the [...]

Religious Persecution In America

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Religious Persecution In America Our country was founded on religious persecution. Those early Puritans came seeking a place to worship. Only they didn't afford others the same blessing. Note the Salem Witch Trials, and the popular classic book "The Scarlet Letter." During the religious revivals of the early 19th century, tent evangelists would move from [...]

Pedestrian Laws

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Pedestrian Laws Pedestrian Laws are not new or random. As a walker I have witnessed both walkers and drivers not understanding the basic laws of the road. St. George Police Department put up a quick video on crosswalk safety, today and I wanted to share some safety on the road thoughts. The Pedestrian Laws are for all [...]

Ebay Seller

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Ebay Seller Look at that.... The end of an Era. 2.5 years ago we started selling on eBay. We drop-shipped much of our products. However, we also bought from China and shipped from our home. We paid bills and were able to make a lot of really great connections. The eBay customer support out of [...]

Earn Money Online: A Guide to Better Affiliate Marketing

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Earn Money Online: A Guide to Better Affiliate Marketing Earn Money Online: A Guide to Better Affiliate Marketing; Most people start blogs to earn money while others have other reasons to start blogs. Even if you don’t want a business blog, don’t you want it to pay something little? Remember it costs you money and time [...]

Tips for a Successful Business

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Tips for a Successful Business Tips for a Successful Business; Many people start businesses thinking that getting money from the enterprise will be as easy as opening the door and letting money in. In today`s business world, to succeed you must be a good planner and have organizational skills. To avoid difficulties in generating money from [...]

6 Reasons You Can’t Make Money Online

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6 Reasons You Can't Make Money Online 6 Reasons You Can't Make Money Online when most people desire to earn a living online. Some of them are getting decent incomes online while others have got nothing at all to show as income from online jobs! So, why are you not making money online? Here are six answers [...]