Business Success Taking Action

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Business Success Taking Action

Seems basic! Yet we are surrounded by folks saying,
Monday I will start my diet.
I really need to go to the gym.
Maybe I’ll go back to college.
I should eat healthy.
I ought to go into business for myself.
I should take a vacation.
I need to ask for a raise.

What do these have to do with business?
Wealthy people plan for three generations and poor people plan for Saturday night.
I can’t wait for the weekend!
That was a great weekend… I hate Mondays!

Attitude is everything. It propels action. Action generates data.
No matter what! All results of action are data to be analyzed and refocused.
Fell down? Why? What happened? What was going right? What went south right before you fell? How did you fall? In what manner? What did you trip over? How did you respond and roll out of that fall?

You can’t steer a ship that is not moving.

Would you laugh at a video of a person paddling like crazy… while his canoe is still attached to the dock?

As such, the motivation doesn’t start until the action which you were avoiding is started. I find this is especially true in business.
Don’t lay in bed with the Monday Morning Blues and say you ‘hate’ something. Jump up, get going, take ACTION 🙂

You’ll feel MUCH better.

Better yet! Carry the words with you…

Paste a smile on your face…
Everyone will wonder what you’ve been up to! 😉

If you want Business Success Taking Action is the only way you will get there!

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