Best Makeup Brushes Ever

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Best Makeup Brushes Ever!

Best Makeup Brushes Ever! My friend who is an esthetician recommended the brushes when I bought new MaskCara makeup. She talked about the cost versus value trade off and how she had bought cheaper ones from drug stores etc… and these are the best bang for the buck!

New Maskcara makeup, new brushes! 😉 I did the Best Makeup Brushes video in one take, then put a before/after at the end for you. Enjoy!

I have done a lot of videos. Therefore, I couldn’t help but do a video on the whole process. I started to unwrap and play with them… then headed to the camera to immortalize it! LOL

Best Makeup Brushes Ever worked wonderfully!!!

best-makeup-brush-set10 Brushes of varying sizes and shapes , No, I am not a professional makeup artist however, as an artist I can tell you one brush does NOT do it all… Best Makeup Brushes did not shed, for me, at all.

I knew I would want a high quality synthetic or natural kabuki style hair to ensure the right amount of Maskcara was absorbed, yet not wasted or messy. I tried applying Maskcara with my finger before the brushes arrived and it looked caked-on and goopey.

The weight and length of the brush shafts fit comfortably in my hand.

The case does have a big of ‘sticky’ feel however it is beautiful and the tactile feel doesn’t come off… just something quirky. LOL

best-professional-makeup-brush-setI like the snaps on either side to hold it securely shut. I wrapped the heads of my brushes in a non-pilling tissue, then put the cover on. The container then fit perfectly into a luggage toiletry bag. This is what I used to carry them to the View Motorhome. I didn’t want the tops to get scrunched. Worked fine!

I don’t know why grumpy people are so quick to write reviews and the happy customers don’t leave reviews? We need to be sure to emphasize the positive in our lives. If you want success. Seek optimism and brightness!

Back to the Review. As a legally blind mom I need to be quick and if I am going to use professional style Maskcara makeup then I need to have the right brushes to apply it.
I like doing videos. And with the application with brushes. It was fast (even as a novice!) and looked good. Yes. I can see room for makeup improvements… that will come with time. Give them a chance.

Your success in life is often influenced by

Be helpful.

Be courteous.

Be happy.

I’d never have known, unless my beautician had recommended this brand The Best makeup Brush Set.


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