6 Reasons You Can’t Make Money Online

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6 Reasons You Can’t Make Money Online

6 Reasons You Can’t Make Money Online when most people desire to earn a living online. Some of them are getting decent incomes online while others have got nothing at all to show as income from online jobs!

So, why are you not making money online? Here are six answers to this question.

  1. You are busy complaining about others all the time

If you are the type of people who get hired to do a job, then they don’t do it or do an entirely shoddy work, and then you expect to be paid, you will never earn! Then you go ahead and message the client on forums or posting on social platforms that he is a scammer. If you are this type, being busy complaining is the number one reason you are not earning money online.

  1. You are too busy being a douche

I once attended an event where the organizer required people to sign up and pay a registration fee for an offer. The fee was refundable after the first day. One guy in the crowd decided to request for a refund. When the refund cheque was handed, he took a photo and posted on Twitter!

This is an example of being douche! Focus on yourself and stop wasting time snooping in other people`s businesses.


  1. You are buying everything including crap products

Just because you want to be a better blogger or writer, you shouldn’t go buying all the courses on online jobs or listening to every advice you meet!

Get an idea of what you want to do and work out how to do it. If designing is not one of your interests, then exclude it from the products you need to buy.

  1. You are ever copying someone

There is nothing wrong with copying. But problems start coming in when you copy a whole system of doing things without understanding how it works. In such a situation, you will earn zero.

6 Reasons You Can’t Make Money Online Sources

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  1. You are not prepared to listen

For years, you have been told a lot about making money online.  The main reason you are earning nothing online now is that you were not prepared to listen! No one will come to grab you from your house and force you to listen. Prepare yourself to pay attention to what can help you make money online.

  1. You never implement what you learn

Implementing what you learn is a key to earning money online. Even if you have mastered a thousand quality skills that can help you make money online, you will never earn unless you implement them.

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