6 Habits That Raise Creativity

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6 Habits That Raise Creativity

Creativity is an essential skill you should have in life. It can help you to think widely and find solutions to more complex life challenges. However, creativity is not an in-born skill. It is something we earn overtime.

By practicing self-reliance and thinking in new ways, you can broaden your thinking and assess different life challenges. Here are six great habits that will help you to raise your creativity.

1. Walk away from problems

Sometimes you need to take a break. Forcing yourself to get solutions can make you feel exhausted. If you are sure, you still have time to solve whatever the challenge you have, take a break.

Sleeping or sound rest can improve your creativity. Your brain feels refreshed after sleeping. Afterwards, you can think and solve the challenges you are facing.

2. Sensory input

Have you ever tried to work when you can smell a delicious food? Or work under a bright light? Such senses tend to overload your brain, hence, influencing your creativity.

Pay attention to your sensory environment and learn how it affects your creativity. Avoid the sensory environment that is too distractive and adopt one that relaxes your mind. Creativity grows in a relaxed mind.

3. Think about unrelated problems

When faced with challenges, avoid thinking about a similar issue that you solved and how you solved it. Doing so reduces your creativity as the same answers keep recurring.

Instead, let your mind explore all possible alternatives and choose the best solution.

4. Read widely

Creativity involves utilizing your imagination to come up with solutions. Science suggests that creativity is strongly linked to reading fiction, especially. Reading gives your mind something to do and keeps your creativity flowing.

 5. Talk to others

Try to explain a problem to other people. Talking about the challenge loudly forces you to simplify it to its purest form.

Thinking about how others can understand an issue encourages you to look at it from different angles. Such a situation can reignite your thinking and expand your creativity.

6. Exercise

Remember, a healthy mind requires a healthy body. Take the stairs when going to your office on the 5th floor or use the bicycle when going to the nearest local shop. In short, exercise to enhance blood flow to your brain.

You can raise your creativity based on your habits. Adopt the healthy habits that can make your brain more productive and shape it into a creative decision tool.


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