February 2017

Best Makeup Brushes Ever

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Best Makeup Brushes Ever! Best Makeup Brushes Ever! My friend who is an esthetician recommended the brushes when I bought new MaskCara makeup. She talked about the cost versus value trade off and how she had bought cheaper ones from drug stores etc... and these are the best bang for the buck! New Maskcara makeup, [...]

I’m Sorry

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I'm Sorry Why is it so hard to say "I'm Sorry" From childhood we are taught to say,"I'm sorry" to our siblings and friends. We practice acknowledging our mistakes and making amends. And yet many people still struggle with the ability to admit a mistake. Learning to Say, "I'm Sorry" was one of the most [...]

Free Windows 10 Upgrade

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Free Windows 10 Upgrade You too could get a Free Windows 10 Upgrade if you are disabled. As you may know... I am 'Legally Blind.' That means that by law, and within those standards, I fall under the American's With Disabilities Act (ADA), it also means I use assistive technology. Windows 10’s free upgrade offer, to the [...]