2016 Blog Titles and Taglines

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2016 Blog Titles and Taglines

2016 Blog Titles and Taglines and how they relate to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Sound bleak? No way! This is cutting edge stuff! LOL

Quick primer on the importance of your Title and Tagline and how to adjust them.

When you start a new blog post you will type in a title for that post.


  • an accurate description of what is in the article
  • capitalize the words just like in a book title
  • Long titles (called Long-Tail) are more specific and easier to rank in the search results
  • Think like a buyer, not a seller. What can you solve, resolve, offer

blog-titles-and-taglinesAfter you have put in your title, you can put it in the permalink area. See images.

Your WordPress site will automatically generate this permalink, however if you alter your title you will need to alter the permalink manually.

blog-titles-and-taglines2016 Blog titles and taglines are more and more vital. As more data is added to the internet, the Search engines try to organize it and show the most relevant results to their searchers.

Now that we have the individual blog posts titled and tagged. Let’s move to the entire blog, as a whole.

The how and why. In order to do that, we need to understand some very basic HTML tags and how they’re important for SEO.

Heading 1 Tags – The name of your blog post becomes your Header 1 tag.

There are also other heading (h2 – h6) tags. Each text size will be a step down from the next.
They can be used to break up a page’s content. Much like chapters or outlines. Use Header 2 for the title inside your blog post text. Use header 3 tag further down in the text. Make sure each of these tags is the same keywords. See the size difference?

2016 Blog Titles and Taglines

2016 Blog Titles and Taglines

2016 Blog Titles and Taglines

Homepage Tagline – The tagline is your opportunity to use the top keywords by which you’d like your home page to be found in search. It’s also the best tool you have to communicate relevance to your visitors so they understand how your site can help them… and that’s often what decides whether or not they stay on the site or leave it. It needs to contain your number one keyword. Your Audience!


As an example, let’s say I wanted to create a blog to share my love and knowledge of woodworking (I don’t actually do woodworking but love the art).

Let’s say my Woodworking Shop is called site is called Woodworking on a Budget.

My keywords I want are Woodworking on a Budget, Woodworking, 2016, training”

My tagline, then, for this site could be: Woodworking on a Budget How To Training 2016.

The job of the tagline is to prove the site’s relevance to visitors and to be a search magnet.

2016-blog-titles-and-taglines2016-blog-titles-and-taglinesBy default, WordPress will display your site title as “Just Another WordPress Site” This is lame and useless for ranking.

How to change the entire Blog site Tagline:

  1. From the Dashboard where you would click Posts… Click Settings
  2. Click General
  3. Note the area with Tagline where is says “Just another WordPress site”
  4. Type in new Tagline. Our demonstration is “Woodworking on a Budget How To Training, 2016”
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Save Changes button.2016-blog-titles-and-taglines


There are right and wrong ways. Right ways are called ‘White Hat’ SEO, Wrong ways are called ‘Black Hat’ SEO. The things I have just told you help you rank in search results and are completely
White Hat. Search Engines like them and reward you by ranking your blog higher in search results. If you try to cheat then you will get black listed by the Search Engines and your stuff will never rank. So don’t believe folks who say, “hey for this $ I’ll rank your stuff.” They are lying to you.

Extra Tips:

  • Use h2 and h3 tags with your title Keyword
  • Link back to other WordPress sites
  • Use a Bold, Italicized and Underlined Keyword phrase.
  • Put the Underlined last and the Bold first. Notice this post
  • Name your images the name of your post
  • Use original content. Do not duplicate anyone
  • Honor all copywrite laws. An image on the internet is not fair game.

Sources for Blog Titles and Taglines:

Keep in touch, follow me on facebook. Success in your business requires constant knowledge and input. Your blog is one way to reach your target audience, so think it through and change those 2016 Blog Titles and Taglines!

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